Poetry: A Friend Now Lost

Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, crossed

Trumpy had a friend now lost

Blowin’, Blowin’, Blowin, Where?

Blowin’ to the Atmosphere Continue reading “Poetry: A Friend Now Lost”


We Are All Chefs in Washington

A friend of mine recently stated public disdain for the influx of political stories and posts in the media and social media. I also long for the days that the police beat filled my 10 o’clock news and pictures of my friends’ food overwhelmed my social media feed.  America has been swamped by Trump stories for over two years, and I would love for it to end. However, I find some bit of solace that stories of White House and its Administration still resonate with the public. Never in my lifetime has the public been so engrossed in politics. Continue reading “We Are All Chefs in Washington”

Phone Call to Congress: Impeach

This is a template phone call that I have made to my senators and representative every day for the last week.

“When President Trump took office this January there were those who thought that Democrats, the media, and other Americans would slow down their anti-Trump rhetoric in order to normalize and function within the government. Trump has passed and exceeded all expectations as a morally unfit, incompetent, and harmful President. Through his actions he has confirmed his opposition’s reluctance, and now it is time to proceed with impeachment and removal hearings. Continue reading “Phone Call to Congress: Impeach”

Poem: Hippity-Hump

Hippity-Hump, Hippity-Hump, I think I’m in a slump-ump

Blipity-Bump, Blipity-Bump, my throat has grown a lump-ump

Chickity-Chunk, Chickity-Chunk, I’m sure that I was drunk-unk

Trickity-Trunk, Trickity-Trunk, look how far I’ve sunk-unk

Flickity-Flunk, Flickity-Flunk, I’m stuck now in a funk-unk

Jickity-Junk, Jickity-Junk, I know I really stunk-unk

Chimpity-Chump, Chimpity Chump, I now feel like a chump-ump

Frippity-Frump, Frippity-Frump, because I voted for Trump-ump

Brian D. King, ©2017