Republican Lawmakers Aren’t the Problem, You Are

There is little I loathe more than coming to the defense of politicians, and my nausea is multiplied tenfold when they are republican lawmakers. However, I must give credit where it is due.

Media Criticism of Trump Doesn’t Automatically Indicate Bias

Many on the right have condemned the media for not giving both perspectives, but I do not think that those who cover Trump’s myriad missteps should be pigeonholed as biased against him or against the right. We hold news writers to higher expectations than we do academics.

Russian Interference in the 2018 Senate Races?

Last night the Democrats lost seats in the senate despite their overwhelming victory in the house. Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report estimated that Democrats had to minimally beat Republicans by seven percentage points in order to win gerrymandered districts and obtain a bare majority in the House, and the Democrats did just that.Continue reading “Russian Interference in the 2018 Senate Races?”