Poem: Peach Peach Let’s Impeach


Peach Peach let’s Impeach

Let’s Impeach the Leech

Screech ‘til we Impeach the Leech


Bleach Bleach Clorox Bleach

Reach Reach Reach that Bleach

Bleach our guilt so I Beseech

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Poem: I Thirst

I’d thirst for home that’s gone astray
I’d thirst for land, and soil and clay
I’d thirst for freedom if I could
I’d thirst for rights misunderstood

I’ve taken free-will’s toxic sips
For sludge has pressed upon my lips
The drug now flows into my veins
For now I’m subject to its chains

The mother who has given life
Now guts my stomach with her knife
She skims my cream to fill her hoard
She takes my milk and cuts my chord

I am now left with what to drink?
Brown water and a well of ink
A sapless tree now left to wilt
Not given water only silt

I’d thirst for justice for our throng
I’d thirst to rectify this wrong
I’d thirst for one, I’d thirst for all
To save us from this arid pall

I’d thirst while in pursuit of mirth
I’d thirst for life and for rebirth
The only thirst for which I yearn
I thirst for water in my urn

Brian D. King

Originally published at Water River Life Giver:




Poem: Hippity-Hump

Hippity-Hump, Hippity-Hump, I think I’m in a slump-ump

Blipity-Bump, Blipity-Bump, my throat has grown a lump-ump

Chickity-Chunk, Chickity-Chunk, I’m sure that I was drunk-unk

Trickity-Trunk, Trickity-Trunk, look how far I’ve sunk-unk

Flickity-Flunk, Flickity-Flunk, I’m stuck now in a funk-unk

Jickity-Junk, Jickity-Junk, I know I really stunk-unk

Chimpity-Chump, Chimpity Chump, I now feel like a chump-ump

Frippity-Frump, Frippity-Frump, because I voted for Trump-ump

Brian D. King, ©2017