Media Criticism of Trump Doesn’t Automatically Indicate Bias

Many on the right have condemned the media for not giving both perspectives, but I do not think that those who cover Trump’s myriad missteps should be pigeonholed as biased against him or against the right. We hold news writers to higher expectations than we do academics.

We Are All Chefs in Washington

A friend of mine recently stated public disdain for the influx of political stories and posts in the media and social media. I also long for the days that the police beat filled my 10 o’clock news and pictures of my friends’ food overwhelmed my social media feed.  America has been swamped by Trump storiesContinue reading “We Are All Chefs in Washington”

The Coverage of the Hernandez and Stephens Suicides

The news picked up on two stories of murderers who took their own lives this week. The first was Steve Stephens, otherwise known as “The Facebook Murderer,” and the second was Aaron Hernandez, the former New England tight end. Each of these stories was framed by the media quite differently, though their crimes were theContinue reading “The Coverage of the Hernandez and Stephens Suicides”