Republicans Love Actors

The Republican Party is famous for turning to movie stars for its political leaders. Many of us are aware that prior to his presidency and governorship, Ronald Reagan was a film actor who starred in many feature films. He is not alone; many republican actors have held office. A few other famous actors include ArnoldContinue reading “Republicans Love Actors”

Media Criticism of Trump Doesn’t Automatically Indicate Bias

Many on the right have condemned the media for not giving both perspectives, but I do not think that those who cover Trump’s myriad missteps should be pigeonholed as biased against him or against the right. We hold news writers to higher expectations than we do academics.

“She’s Not My Type”

Last week journalist E. Jean Carroll accused Donald Trump of rape, and in his defense, he stated, “She’s not my type.” This is only one of many such accusations towards the President, and with every exposure he has defended himself with similar responses. If an innocent man was unrightfully accused of this kind of crimeContinue reading ““She’s Not My Type””

Impeach Now: No Smoking Gun Needed

A friend of mine who voted for Mr. Trump told me that because the public had not yet seen a smoking gun, we cannot write him off as guilty, and that we must give him the benefit of a doubt. This logic makes no sense to me. To this day, his personal lawyer, his NationalContinue reading “Impeach Now: No Smoking Gun Needed”

Who Do You Believe: Trump? or Comey?

Donald Trump broke his silence on James Comey’s testimony to the Senate this morning in a press conference. During his testimony Comey described his encounters with the President and accused him of lying and demanding loyalty. Trump had the opportunity to accept responsibility for his words, but instead he refuted the accusations and recounted theContinue reading “Who Do You Believe: Trump? or Comey?”

What Does Gorsuch’s Nomination Mean

DJT will occupy the White House for two, maybe four, or if hellfire inundates the political landscape of these United States, for eight more years. In contrast, Neil Gorsuch will occupy his new seat in the Supreme Court for much longer. The Senate has, for one hundred years, required three fifths of the Senate (orContinue reading “What Does Gorsuch’s Nomination Mean”