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Southerners Continue to Ruin American Idol

Southern voters continue to ruin American Idol. Let me get this straight: Southerners are awesome, and they make up some of the greatest musicians in American history, and many of the greatest American Idol contestants come from the South. However, Southern voters often ruin American Idol by giving their vote to Southern singers when a superior non-Southern is an American Idol finalist. This week Laine Hardy, a Southerner, became the 17thAmerican Idol winner by upsetting the heavily favorite Alejandro Aranda. The Washington Post published a story the day after Hardy’s win that suggested that Aranda’s upset can be attributed to his decision to perform his original music. However, I do not think that this was a motivating factor for Hardy’s win. In the end, the young Louisianan won because he was the favorite Southern singer in the competition.

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