Phone Call to Congress: Impeach

This is a template phone call that I have made to my senators and representative every day for the last week.

“When President Trump took office this January there were those who thought that Democrats, the media, and other Americans would slow down their anti-Trump rhetoric in order to normalize and function within the government. Trump has passed and exceeded all expectations as a morally unfit, incompetent, and harmful President. Through his actions he has confirmed his opposition’s reluctance, and now it is time to proceed with impeachment and removal hearings. Continue reading “Phone Call to Congress: Impeach”


Poem: I Thirst

I’d thirst for home that’s gone astray
I’d thirst for land, and soil and clay
I’d thirst for freedom if I could
I’d thirst for rights misunderstood

I’ve taken free-will’s toxic sips
For sludge has pressed upon my lips
The drug now flows into my veins
For now I’m subject to its chains

The mother who has given life
Now guts my stomach with her knife
She skims my cream to fill her hoard
She takes my milk and cuts my chord

I am now left with what to drink?
Brown water and a well of ink
A sapless tree now left to wilt
Not given water only silt

I’d thirst for justice for our throng
I’d thirst to rectify this wrong
I’d thirst for one, I’d thirst for all
To save us from this arid pall

I’d thirst while in pursuit of mirth
I’d thirst for life and for rebirth
The only thirst for which I yearn
I thirst for water in my urn

Brian D. King

Originally published at Water River Life Giver:



Protect Bears Ears Letter

Dear Department of the Interior:

My name is Brian King. My ancestors trekked from New England and settled the land we know as Utah at a time when Mexico claimed its ownership. When the land was annexed into the Union my family became Utah’s first politicians. Once labeled by some as desolate wasteland, the United States government overlooked the territory surveying the land westward towards California and Oregon. Utah was not admitted into the United States until forty-six years after the Pacific-Coast states, because the government needed to discover the precious minerals in the rocky desert before they realized its worth. Continue reading “Protect Bears Ears Letter”

Risotto Alla Masala


As my family and I prepared to move out of state I searched my cabinets to clear out my junk. Whenever I move I try not to buy food, but instead, I am attempt to make whatever I can from whatever I can find in our pantry and fridge. My son discovered some limp celery this morning, so I threw it in a crock-pot with a few onions thinking that I could do something with it later. I was expecting to make some soup, but by the afternoon I had discovered my Arborio rice in the cupboard, so I decided to make risotto instead.

Continue reading “Risotto Alla Masala”

The Coverage of the Hernandez and Stephens Suicides

The news picked up on two stories of murderers who took their own lives this week. The first was Steve Stephens, otherwise known as “The Facebook Murderer,” and the second was Aaron Hernandez, the former New England tight end. Each of these stories was framed by the media quite differently, though their crimes were the same. Continue reading “The Coverage of the Hernandez and Stephens Suicides”