Impeach Now: No Smoking Gun Needed

A friend of mine who voted for Mr. Trump told me that because the public had not yet seen a smoking gun, we cannot write him off as guilty, and that we must give him the benefit of a doubt. This logic makes no sense to me. To this day, his personal lawyer, his National Security Adviser, his campaign adviser and an associate, and his campaign manager have all been convicted of crimes on behalf of Donald Trump. Continue reading “Impeach Now: No Smoking Gun Needed”


Why Republicans Love Illegal Immigration and the Wall

As a recent college graduate, and during the 2008 recession, I struggled to find work with my bachelor’s degree, so I resorted to waiting tables at an Italian restaurant in order to make ends meet. My boss never liked me, despite the fact that like him, I was fluent in Italian. He couldn’t not give me the job because of my linguistic ability, and he despised me for it. From my co-workers I later learned that all of the chefs and dishwashers at the restaurant were undocumented immigrants. Continue reading “Why Republicans Love Illegal Immigration and the Wall”

Russian Interference in the 2018 Senate Races?

Last night the Democrats lost seats in the senate despite their overwhelming victory in the house. Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report estimated that Democrats had to minimally beat Republicans by seven percentage points in order to win gerrymandered districts and obtain a bare majority in the House, and the Democrats did just that. So, if Democrats performed so well in the House, winning by insurmountable numbers as to overcome gerrymandering, how did they perform so poorly in the Senate? Continue reading “Russian Interference in the 2018 Senate Races?”

Elizabeth Warren’s Native Claim

Elizabeth Warren recently released the results of her DNA test, and they indicate that she may have Native American ancestry. Assuming that these results are accurate, analyzing Senator Warren’s claims to indigenous heritage is complicated at best. There is little doubt that many white Americans whose ancestors have lived on the American continent for more than four hundred years have some biological claim to indigeneity, and recognizing such heritage is not at all problematic. Continue reading “Elizabeth Warren’s Native Claim”

The Tulsa Race “Riot” Was a Massacre

By Farina King and Brian King, Tahlequah, OK

On Sunday September 20, 2018, Donald W. Rominger, Jr. criticized Mitchel Willetts’ article for depicting the Tulsa Race Riots as a massacre. Rominger, a school teacher, claims that “gunfire broke out,” and “gunfire was exchanged between militia and citizens, both black and white.” The author’s usage of passive voice ambiguates the responsibility of the onslaught. He also omits certain details that would qualify this event as a massacre. Continue reading “The Tulsa Race “Riot” Was a Massacre”

Dear Senator: Vote No on Kavanaugh

Dear Senator,


Our President is under criminal investigation for colluding with Russia and tampering with the 2016 election. In his investigation, Robert Mueller has so far indicted Trump’s foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos who has pleaded guilty, his national security adviser Michael Flynn who has pleaded guilty, his campaign chair Paul Manafort who was found guilty, his campaign aid, Rick Gates who pleaded guilty, thirteen Russian nationals, Richard Pinedo, Alex van der Zwaan, Konstantin Kilimnik, and 12 Russian GRU officers. Continue reading “Dear Senator: Vote No on Kavanaugh”