We Need a Hobbit for President

The Lord of the Rings is a story about power and its abuse. Sauron is the mythical antagonist from the J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic story who forged out of a mountain the “One Ring to rule them all.” Those who possessed it fed off the dark energy derived from the ring. Gandalf, the wizard, discovered that Bilbo Baggins had carried the most powerful ring in the history of the world for years. After his nephew Frodo had inherited the heirloom, he offered to give the ring to Gandalf, but the wizard rejected it because he knew that a being like himself would give into the tempting lure of the dark energy.

As we read Tolkien’s series, we are meant to celebrate his overarching theme, that those who wield power should not be those who desire power. Continue reading “We Need a Hobbit for President”


Letter: Romney won’t resist Trump’s agenda

The Deseret News published my letter “Romney won’t Resist Trump’s Agenda” on January 13, 2017.

“In 2018, Mitt Romney will most likely run for Sen. Hatch’s Senate seat. In my opinion, Romney is like Jeff Flake, who spoke out against Trump but would not resist his legislative agenda. If Mitt Romney is elected, he might speak for the people, but he would also vote for corporations. For this reason, I do not plan to support him this year.”



Dear Senator Lankford: You Scammed Us

Dear Senator Lankford,

Never in my life have I felt so ashamed of my government. Your motion on the morning of December 2, 2017 represents what I hate in our government. You shortchanged your country in exchange for an oily cookie from the Koch brothers and other campaign financiers. This bill goes against the recommendation of every credible economist in the United States, and more importantly “We” the People. Continue reading “Dear Senator Lankford: You Scammed Us”

Spatchcock Turkey and Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish

  • 1 12 oz. bag of cranberries
  • 1 ½ oranges peeled and seeded
  • ½ C. guava jelly
  • 3 Tbsp. sugar (or desired amount)

Pulse ingredients in blender. Serve or Freeze.


This is the best cranberry relish that I’ve ever tasted. I was never a fan, but I have consistently made it out of tradition’s sake. This year I changed my recipe and made some a few days early. Notice how my ziplock freezer bag is so small. My kids ate up all my cranberry relish, so I actually might have to make some more. If you love ginger or orange peel in your relish, feel free to add some in.

Spatchcock Turkey and Broth – Start the Day Before

The day before Thanksgiving take your turkey out of its bag. Remove giblets and turkey neck and stick them in a crockpot for later. Take a pair of garden shears or a sharp serrated knife and remove the spinal column of your turkey. Make cuts in the collar bones. Flatten Turkey pushing down with your arms. If you didn’t properly cut the collar bone than you may hear it snap.

Pat dry the skin of the turkey with a paper towel. Spray it down with cooking spray (like ®Pam). Salt the surface, and then place in the refrigerator overnight uncovered. The skin of your turkey should harden through the night which will make it crispier. The next day cook it at 450⁰ F for about 80 minutes (cook times will vary on size of your turkey and oven temperature. Be sure that the thickest part of your turkey breast reads 165⁰ F).

Cut the spinal column in half so it will fit in the crock pot. Place any other scraps, giblets, and the turkey neck into the crock pot. Fill with water so it just covers the contents. Set on low for thirteen hours. When complete, strain, salt, and use turkey broth for gray and stuffing.

I cut the spinal column in half so it will fit in the pot.
Let Spatchcock Turkey sit in the refrigerator open overnight. I also injected it with butter.
A good broth requires at least 11 hours in a crock pot. This contains a turkey neck, spinal column, and giblets.



Pray for the Silent Caucus

Congressional Republicans have had seven years to write a healthcare bill upon which they could all agree. If they had any clue as to how to write a healthcare bill, then by now it would have already been passed and signed. They are unable to write an adequate healthcare bill for the same reason that vegans are unable to write a good meatloaf recipe, it is just not what they do. Government health infrastructure goes against their principles. Continue reading “Pray for the Silent Caucus”

Do We Need an Oklahoma Salute?

Heritage Elementary School Board:

My name is Brian King. I was primarily raised in Maryland, but as an adult I have lived in Utah, Arizona, Wisconsin, Vermont, Texas, and now Oklahoma. My wife and I purchased a home in Tahlequah, and we now consider ourselves Oklahomans. I have previously shared my reservations about Heritage Elementary School’s tradition of standing for the Oklahoma Salute every morning, and was asked by Principal Davenport to share my view on this matter with the board. Continue reading “Do We Need an Oklahoma Salute?”