Please Take Our Concerns Seriously

Dear Republican friends,

We need to have a little chat. I think that over the course of the last two years we have talked over each other. Neither the Democrats, nor the Republicans have a stellar record for listening to the other, but this is a time where we need to change that. We need to talk about President Trump, and for a brief moment I would like to put our political ideologies aside. You know that I politically disagree with him on many accounts, but that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about why Democrats are really pissed off, and why you should care about it.

As I am describing the conduct of Donald Trump, I would like you to imagine him as a Democrat, and I want you to think how you would react if the opposition party nominated him to run and elected him. I cannot overemphasize that in this piece, I do not focus on his political positions, merely his conduct.

Candidate Trump surrounded himself around people who are now arrested and indicted on campaign fraud and colluding with Russia. Paul Manafort, his campaign chair was indicted on 25 different counts. Rick Gates, a campaign aide entered a plea deal with Mueller regarding the Trump campaign. Michael Flynn was indicted and also entered a plea deal for lying to the FBI about the election. At least 13 Russian nationals were indicted with conspiracy charges who helped Donald Trump win. Richard Pinedo, Alex van der Zwaan, Konstantin Killmnlk, and 12 Russian officers of Russia’s military were all charged with crimes relating to hacking, obstructing justice, and making false statements to the FBI regarding the campaign.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer has been indicted and found guilty on 8 counts. Roger Stone, Trump’s campaign adviser has now been indicted on 7, including lying to the House Intelligence Committee, his involvement with WikiLeaks during the campaign, and witness tampering. These people are not hypothetically guilty but indicted and charged for their crimes.

Do you honestly think that Roger Stone, Trump’s campaign adviser, tampered witnesses on his own free accord without Trump’s knowledge? An adviser’s job is to advise. Do you not think that Trump didn’t have knowledge of the information that his adviser was advising him? Paul Manafort was not a paper pusher or a secretary, he was the campaign chair. Do you honestly think that Trump didn’t know that he was working with Ukrainian nationals on Trump’s behalf without his knowledge? Right now, that is Trump’s defense, and Republicans have turned their heads the other way, giving him the benefit of a doubt and blindly accepting his story.

Do you honestly think that Michael Cohen benefited Trump’s campaign by committing fraud and lying to Congress without Trump’s knowledge? Again, that is Trump’s defense. He has protected himself by denying any knowledge of the wrongdoings of everyone with whom he surrounded himself, including his campaign aides, chair, and personal lawyer who all helped him win the election.

How would you feel if the integrity of your opponent’s victory was compromised? I know that you like to blame the news for blowing things out of proportion. Like you, I do not like the fact that Trump has been the headline story of nearly every newspaper for the last three years, but the media don’t make up these indictments. They are real, and they point to a heinous truth, that Republicans have covered for Trump’s campaign misdeeds.

Please try to separate the Democrat’s contempt for his politics from his personal and professional conduct. You elected a horrible person. You elected a human being who has committed fraud, conspired with Russians, and allied with people that hate America to benefit his personal interests. You elected a person who didn’t stop his business ventures after he was elected and built hotels in Washington DC, and he has used his office to make himself and his family money.

You elected someone who lies incessantly. Now, all politicians embellish the truth time and again, but Trump fabricates lies like Hershey Kisses on a conveyer belt.  In 2018 he averaged fifteen easily discernable lies per day. After Mueller has finished his probe, that number will likely increase, because it doesn’t account for all the times that he said that there was no collusion. Even Republicans have accepted the fact that he is a liar, and they downplay that truth by painting him as someone who harmlessly talks colorfully and optimistically. No American public figure has lied as frequently as Donald Trump, and it should piss Republicans off.

The natural reaction of Republican allies has been to double down and deflect. I would like you to take a few moments and just take in this information, and ask yourself, had Trump been a Democrat, how would you feel? I bet that you would not merely feel frustrated, you would feel violated. I have had many ideological quaffs with Republican nominees for President, such as George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, but I respected them as human beings. They were decent people who didn’t compromise their elections. They were Presidents who respected women, people with disabilities, and who genuinely cared for their constituents, and they didn’t attempt to make money from their office.

The same can be said for Barack Obama. I know that you didn’t like how Obamacare was ramrodded through Congress, and that you have other ideological differences with him, but he was an honest President (I know your sneering at this, but it is true) and a good human being. You were upset with his politics, but you never feared the legitimacy of his office. If you do not agree with our politics, please try to understand that our contempt for President Trump stems from his traitorous conduct, not from his political positions. Also, because he accidentally admitted to it on camera, and witnesses have corroborated his story, we think that he is a sex predator. We also resent that he sleeps with porn stars, has appeared on Playboy, cheated on his wives, raped his ex, and we resent that the First Lady is a former pornographic model. As a Clinton-bashing Republican, you can understand our resentment. We, as Democrats are no angels, but not even we have ever elected and protected someone to the likes of Donald J. Trump. Please be slow to deflect and take our concerns seriously and with respect. Someday it could be you who are in our shoes. When we hurt, so do you, because we are all Americans. Trump has not merely interfered with our democracy, but he has interfered with yours.

Brian D. King

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