Impeach Now: No Smoking Gun Needed

A friend of mine who voted for Mr. Trump told me that because the public had not yet seen a smoking gun, we cannot write him off as guilty, and that we must give him the benefit of a doubt. This logic makes no sense to me. To this day, his personal lawyer, his National Security Adviser, his campaign adviser and an associate, and his campaign manager have all been convicted of crimes on behalf of Donald Trump. Others around him have been indicted, and we can assume that more convictions will follow. Donald Trump has been implicated as committing crimes against the United States. Though Robert Mueller has not yet publicly disclosed a “smoking gun” to the public, the probability that Mr. Trump did not commit these crimes is microscopically minuscule. Technically-speaking, no smoking gun was ever found on Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Bill Cosby, or Harvey Weinstein. All of these famous people were implicated based on the testimonies of others and were ousted from their professional circles. The office of the President of the United States is too important, and the probability that he committed these crimes is too high to allow him to remain in office. It is time to initiate impeachment proceedings

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