Poem: Dyslexic Like Me

I want to share a secret with you

Because you haven’t got a clue

There’s something different about me

Something that you could never see

Let’s imagine that in this world

All humans always only sat unfurled

And we only ever sat on stools

The kind you’d find in primary schools

For every moment of each day

We sat until our hairs turned gray

You’d sit and share your hopes and dreams

While I am tearing at my seams

We’d regard each other in the face

Yet I’d have nothing to embrace

We’d put our blankets on our laps

To warm our legs beneath its wraps

You’ve never bothered to look down

You’ve never thought to look around

So, this is what I want to share

I have a partially broken chair

This stool upon the which I sit

I think it’s gunna crack and split

My stool’s only got two legs

It’s empty hole is missing pegs

You never bothered to look down

For if you did, you’d prob’ly frown

Our stools are tall, and seats are round

My legs can’t even reach the ground

You see that I can balance well

I bet you’d never even tell

I really am extremely good

At looking like just how I should

I’ve balanced like this for all my life

Through heartache, pain, and grief and strife

I can sit and smile and talk and think

By now I hardly ever blink

But I’ve never fully felt at ease

Because I fear a gentle breeze

For any gust will make me squeeze

And make me fall down to my knees

I am embarrassed when I fall

I may not rid this shameful thrall

I fear my stool’s not adequate

For it can barely hold my weight

If you could ever know and see

You’d be dyslexic, just like me

Brian D. King ©2018



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