Pray for the Silent Caucus

Congressional Republicans have had seven years to write a healthcare bill upon which they could all agree. If they had any clue as to how to write a healthcare bill, then by now it would have already been passed and signed. They are unable to write an adequate healthcare bill for the same reason that vegans are unable to write a good meatloaf recipe, it is just not what they do. Government health infrastructure goes against their principles.

During the Obama administration Republicans unanimously voted to repeal the ACA over fifty times, but then they had the luxury of Obama’s veto, so their votes never counted. They voted to please their donors, not to promote real change. On May 4, nearly every House Republicans voted to repeal the ACA because a ‘no’ vote would solidify individual defeats in their upcoming primaries. Knowing that the Senate could block the bill, they held their noses and passed the bill.

Between ten to twenty GOP Senators hate the Cassidy-Graham Bill, but all GOP senators will vote for it anyways, except Susan Collins, Rand Paul, and perhaps a whipping boy to represent what I call the Silent Caucus. I expect that John McCain will take another flogging for the Silent Caucus, since he is not defeatable in a primary and will not likely seek reelection, but his negative vote is no guarantee. Fear my play as a driving force in this healthcare debate and many senators see this as the GOP’s last chance to repeal the ACA. Let’s write and call our senators so they know how this bill will negatively affect our communities, and let’s pray for the Silent Caucus, that they may once again have courage to do what is right, and shut down this bill.


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