Poem: Hippity-Hump

Hippity-Hump, Hippity-Hump, I think I’m in a slump-ump

Blipity-Bump, Blipity-Bump, my throat has grown a lump-ump

Chickity-Chunk, Chickity-Chunk, I’m sure that I was drunk-unk

Trickity-Trunk, Trickity-Trunk, look how far I’ve sunk-unk

Flickity-Flunk, Flickity-Flunk, I’m stuck now in a funk-unk

Jickity-Junk, Jickity-Junk, I know I really stunk-unk

Chimpity-Chump, Chimpity Chump, I now feel like a chump-ump

Frippity-Frump, Frippity-Frump, because I voted for Trump-ump

Brian D. King, ©2017


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