The Trump Wave

New Orleans had decades of warning from meteorologists and geologists that their levees were low and disaster was nigh before Hurricane Katrina obliterated the city. Louisianans and the world stood shocked and surprised, yet experts indicated that the disaster was expected and inevitable without changes in New Orleans’s infrastructure policies. For four years America has received its warning from academics, political scientists, economists, politicians, celebrities, and media warning that electing a narcissistic, xenophobic, hyper-rich, conflicted in interest, oil-loving, earth-depleting, sexist, pornographic, lewd, vulgar, temperamental, petty, prideful, misogynistic fascist is not a good idea. The tide is rising, and it should come to no surprise when America gets wiped out by a tidal wave that is the President Trump. The tide is high and all those who recognize that they are thigh deep in sea water must resist where Trump his policies and rhetoric are damaging to America.

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