Is Obamacare Here to Stay?

Paul Ryan signs a bill that he knows will be vetoed (Jan. 2016)
A Republican-led Congress has attempted to repeal The Affordable Care Act sixty times since the law was signed in 2010. When the law was passed not one Republican in either the House or the Senate voted in favor of it. Six years later Republicans are preparing for a Republican-led Congress, Presidency, Supreme Court, and majority of governors. President-Elect Trump has promised that he would repeal Obamacare as soon as he took office. The Republican leadership in the House and Senate call for its revocation. In effect, the Affordable Care Act is dead.
Or is it? If no Republicans members of Congress support Obamacare, and the Donald Trump has promised to repeal it with outward support of Republican leadership, than why has the President-Elect’s tone changed so abruptly? He recently stated that he will probably keep most of Obamacare. Republicans have stated that it now may take years before they plan to send a bill to President Trump’s desk.
Senate majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) blames the President-Elect for the delay, “We’re talking about a three-year transition now that we actually have a president who’s likely to sign the repeal into the law. People are being, understandably cautious, to make sure nobody’s dropped through the cracks.”
According to a recent report by Politico the Republicans may not pass any measure to repeal the law for three years, yet in the last six years they have attempted to repeal the law about sixty times. According to Congress spent $87 million attempting send a bill that would void the law to the man who created it in the first place. How is it that Republicans acted so hastily under Barack Obama Presidency, yet now they state that they will act cautiously with Donald Trump in the White House?


Republicans knew that revocation on the Affordable Care Act would never be signed. Those sixty attempts to repeal the healthcare law was a costly political gesture to undermine President Obama’s agenda and to put their vote on record in order to appease their campaign financiers. Since the votes meant nothing more than vocal support, they could vote as frequently as they wanted, however they wanted, and without the consequence of the passage of actual law. The worst part of it is that they did it using U.S. tax dollars. The Republicans no longer have the luxury of passing senseless bills that have no intention of getting signed. They must act cautiously as they attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, because they know that the Affordable Care Act is a popular law, and that its revocation without a proper and timely replacement could and most likely will cost lawmakers their jobs in the upcoming election.

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