Monopoly in Senegal

This is an adaptation of a story I wrote a few years ago from an actual experience I had in Senegal. Economists will get the joke at the end. 

In 2008 had the chance to visit the lovely West African Republic of Senegal. One aspect specific to Dakar, the capital city is the number of salespeople on the street. During a typical day between 300-500 people approached me to sell me some good or service such as: phone cards, fruit (especially mangoes), canned goods, a taxi ride, shoes, and even board games.

We crossed a section of town where most of the vendors sold board games. The two most popular board games were Monopoly and Scrabble. I thought about purchasing a Monopoly game. I thought, “When will I get the chance to buy a French/Senegalese version of the Parker Bros. classic?”

I asked Farina hypothetically, “Do you think there is any good place around here to get at a good deal on Monopoly?”

After thinking about it I answered my own question, “Of course not. You can never get a good deal on a monopoly”



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