Party in Denial

©Nick Anderson 10/24/14 Houston Chronicle
Republicans deny that racism exists in criminal justice. Republicans deny that slavery has lingering negative repercussions on black lives today, and they recommend that they should just get over it. Republicans deny science and evolution. Republicans deny members of the LBGT community their rights. Republicans deny that whites committed genocide on Native American populations; instead they cite germs as the cause for these mass killings. Republicans deny Native Americans their rights to their land and resources, including drinkable water.
Republicans have attempted to deny affordable health insurance to Americans, and refuse to promote other healthcare alternatives. Republicans currently deny America a Supreme Court Justice just so they can flex their political muscle. Chris Christie, a Republican Governor denied commuters access over the George Washington Bridge to bully political rivals. Every year state Republicans throughout the country and especially in Utah deny their citizens money allotted for Medicaid and Medicare out of principle. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, denied his state high speed rail, just because he could. Other Republican governors deny their citizens of state infrastructure. Republicans deny their children and educators money for Elementary, Secondary, and University Education. Republicans deny women access to healthcare by shutting down medical facilities. Republicans deny the sick access to affordable prescription drugs to support pharmaceutical companies.
Until the Civil Rights Act was passed, Republicans denied blacks access to restaurants, barbershops, schools, and voting booths. Republicans deny the children of undocumented immigrants access to education. Republicans deny immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Republicans deny Muslims freedom of religion by not granting building permits for the construction of Mosques. Republicans deny that their candidate Mr. Trump is really that bad. Republicans are a party of denial and in denial. It is no surprise to me that Republicans deny climate change, because its acceptance requires the simple act of opening one’s eyes.


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