Kids are Like Crock Pot Beans

Locust Grove Public School in Mayes County Oklahoma just changed their school schedule from a five day to a four day school week. Their commissioner, Lori Helton, said that in so doing they will save money. By Oklahoma law, public schools must maintain a certain number of in-class hours, which will mean adding more than an extra hour per work day. They will save money on utility bills for their buildings and gas money for buses. Helton claims that the kids will not suffer, but that they are excited for the shortened school week.

To me, Helton sounds like an eleven-year-old chef in her momma’s kitchen who’d suggest, “Let’s bake the turkey at 400° F. for two hours, instead of 200° F for four hours like the instructions suggest. It’s the same thing, right?” Kids are like crock pot beans. They learn best low and slow. If anything they should take an hour off their workday and add a half-day on Saturday. Cutting school days is a trend throughout red states like Oklahoma. The Locust Grove Public Schools, like thirty other school districts in Oklahoma, care more about saving money than their children’s education. The students will mentally get burnt-out the first four days of the week, than forget most of what they learn over the three-day weekend.
Oklahoma children have just been short-changed, and I bet most parents will not fight it. Parents and community members should be livid. Elections are coming up, and I recommend to everyone to vote for politicians who will fight for your America’s education, and support a five-day school week.




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