I Will Not Ride in a Driverless Uber Car for the Same Reason I will not Purchase Food from an iPad.


In today’s day in age, with a swipe or a click you can order just about anything. Amazon Dash allows the consumer to order paper towels to be delivered to their doorstep overnight with just one click.  Tinder and Uber allow location-based devices to instantly connect people in the same area. Goods and services travel directly from the provider to the consumer with almost no middle man, but at what cost? Uber is currently experimenting with self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. I have made it a decision to not use one of these self-driving vehicles, for the same reason why I refuse to purchase food from an iPad when I travel through airports.
OTG Management owns 200 restaurants in 10 of the largest airports in America. The restaurant management company started in 1996, and prides itself on its cutting edge technology in the food industry. In 2012 OTG Management announced that they would install 7,000 iPads to replace thousands of servers who were unceremoniously released from their employment. The company does not currently indicate how many iPads it currently uses. When I worked as a server, I usually would service up to six tables at once. Using this math it means that in 2012 OTG Management could have easily kept 1,166 employees, but chose not to fire them instead. The number of iPads has increased since then, as has the number of potential employees.
I do not see any advantage to riding a driverless Uber car. If the experiment is a success, than I see that Uber’s Board of Directors and its investors will make a lot of money by laying off drivers. Uber will not pass their savings to riders, seeing as large companies never do, and former Uber employees/independent contractors will need to search for employment elsewhere, hiking up an already bloated unemployment rate.  I do not see that this is a good thing for America, and that is why I refuse to ride in a driverless Uber car.


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