GOP: Kick Trump Out

I would like to make a simple suggestion to the Republican National Committee: disinvite Donald Trump from all future primary debates, and kick him out of the GOP. This action will ensure two things: 1. The Democrats will win the 2016 Presidential Election (which they will lose anyways, even if they nominate Trump), and more importantly 2. The Republican Party will exist after the 2016 election, and will have a chance to win further elections.
The Republican Party has reached a threshold where it has an opportunity to redefine itself. The party often uses early American figures as examples of greatness. As they do so, I pray that they look to good examples of virtues, such as hard work, creativity, and industry. They should not look back to their values of bigotry and racism which plague America’s past. If it chooses to redefine itself by conservatism, and fiscal responsibility, than the party has a chance of survival. If the party votes for Donald Trump and defines itself by bigotry, voters will not vote, sponsors will vanish, and the party will crumble.The Republican Party has two options: they can either lose in disgrace, with Donald Trump at the helm, or they can lose with dignity, ousting Trump from their party and leaving the gate open for future elections.  

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