Seven Questions to Ask Each Presidential Candidate

The year prior to the Primary Elections and Caucuses many candidates throw their hat in the ring in hopes of gaining public support to further their campaign and to win the Presidency of the United States of America. Candidates have their own platforms, and the media transmit these ideas to the everyday voter. They do this by broadcasting press conferences, interviews, and debates.
The media have their own agendas, and I find it the exception that they ask the questions that will most help voters determine the candidate who genuinely has America in his or her own best interests. They often fail to ask questions that would clarify the candidates’ allegiances, and also to clarify the specifics of what they will do in the White House. I have listed some questions that I would like to ask every candidate before I vote on Election Day.
1.     Specifically, which individual or business made the largest financial contribution to your campaign or to your Super PACs? Why did they contribute the money that they did? And what promises have you made to them?
2.      List the top three countries that you feel are the biggest threat to American security, and under what circumstances would you wage war against them?
3.     On the topic of war, do the ends justify the means? What is your war mantra or war doctrine?
4.     Since WWII no American President has sought Congressional approval before declaring war, yet every President since WWII has engaged in or initiated a war or a conflict. Is the practice outdated? Would you seek for America’s approval before initiating war?
5.     If you could sign one bill in your presidency, which one would it be? If you could sign one more bill in your presidency, what would that be?
6.     What experience do you have cooperating with members of the opposing party? How do you plan to bridge a very divisive Congress? On what issues will you most likely give in to the other party in order to pass legislation and promote peace between the parties?
7.     Name 3 individuals whom you would nominate to be a Supreme Court Justice and why?

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