McCain’s Response to Putin

Senator John McCain recently published an article in Pravda, a Russian socialist newspaper, to respond to Vladimir Putin’s A Plea for Caution from Russia op-ed piece. In Senator McCain’s article he attempts to distract the Russian audience by introducing an ad hominem argument by making personal and professional attacks on Vladimir Putin and his regime. McCain’s embarrassing response is completely illogical and not representative of American sentiment.

Although American public opinion towards Putin is generally negative, his shortcomings do not disqualify him from negotiating a genuinely viable chemical weapons agreement with Syria. In his article, Putin claimed that he would even support a UN military strike if sufficient evidence indicated that Assad perpetrated the chemical attacks, and that a US strike would undermine International Law. Objective evidence suggests that Assad was probably behind the attack, but there is doubt to merit further investigation.

Senator McCain did not address any of these issues in his Pravda article, because, frankly he has no further evidence to justify US Intervention. Instead of addressing the issue at hand, he wrote hate-mongering Anti-Putin propaganda. That approach is not becoming of a Senior Senator who has served on international committees. He should understand that sound diplomacy is not achieved by insultulting world leaders. If McCain believes he will win over the Russian people’s favor by saying that he is more Russian than their leader, he is sadly delusional.

-Brian D. King, Mesa, AZ.


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