Poem: Fully Automatic Gun

Buy a shotgun to shoot at ducks

Buy a rifle to take down bucks

Buy a Mossberg to guard the house

Buy a pistol to protect your spouse

A fully automatic gun

Is only ever used for fun

Unless its use is treacherous

Within the hands of terrorists

Brian D. King ©2017




Pray for the Silent Caucus

Congressional Republicans have had seven years to write a healthcare bill upon which they could all agree. If they had any clue as to how to write a healthcare bill, then by now it would have already been passed and signed. They are unable to write an adequate healthcare bill for the same reason that vegans are unable to write a good meatloaf recipe, it is just not what they do. Government health infrastructure goes against their principles. Continue reading “Pray for the Silent Caucus”

Do We Need an Oklahoma Salute?

Heritage Elementary School Board:

My name is Brian King. I was primarily raised in Maryland, but as an adult I have lived in Utah, Arizona, Wisconsin, Vermont, Texas, and now Oklahoma. My wife and I purchased a home in Tahlequah, and we now consider ourselves Oklahomans. I have previously shared my reservations about Heritage Elementary School’s tradition of standing for the Oklahoma Salute every morning, and was asked by Principal Davenport to share my view on this matter with the board. Continue reading “Do We Need an Oklahoma Salute?”

We Are All Chefs in Washington

A friend of mine recently stated public disdain for the influx of political stories and posts in the media and social media. I also long for the days that the police beat filled my 10 o’clock news and pictures of my friends’ food overwhelmed my social media feed.  America has been swamped by Trump stories for over two years, and I would love for it to end. However, I find some bit of solace that stories of White House and its Administration still resonate with the public. Never in my lifetime has the public been so engrossed in politics. Continue reading “We Are All Chefs in Washington”

They Found Offense

On Monday, June 19, 2017 the U.S. Supreme Court rolled back a long-standing Patent and Trademark Office regulation that prohibits disparaging trademarks. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of The Slants, a band whose name disparages Chinese and Asian people.  The ruling will affect the status of the Washington Redskins, whose trademark was revoked in 2014 for disparaging Native Americans.

Continue reading “They Found Offense”

Who Do You Believe: Trump? or Comey?

Donald Trump broke his silence on James Comey’s testimony to the Senate this morning in a press conference. During his testimony Comey described his encounters with the President and accused him of lying and demanding loyalty. Trump had the opportunity to accept responsibility for his words, but instead he refuted the accusations and recounted the exchanges in a way that must implicate one of these two men as a liar. He stated, “No collusion. No obstruction. He’s a leaker.”  Continue reading “Who Do You Believe: Trump? or Comey?”