Above All: America Needs Someone Qualified

Washington Post published an interactive webpage titled “How Would You Narrow the 2020 Democratic Field?” where users are able to narrow a field of candidates by sorting them into categories that represent values, such as “someone from states where Trump did well,” “a woman or diverse candidate,” “generational change,” “an entrepreneur,” or “a veteran.” Continue reading “Above All: America Needs Someone Qualified”


My Experience on an Italian/Tunisian Ferry Boat

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During the summer of 2009 my wife and I took a ferry boat from Palermo, Italy to Tunis, Tunisia. Two weeks later we returned on the same ferry boat. We did not want to pay full price for a luxury cruise liner, so instead we opted for the migrant worker ferry boat, which saved us about 100 euros per ticket. During my two boat rides I was surprised at the lack of respect given to migrant workers on our Italian Ferry boat.
When we arrived at the dock I read the instructions provided to us on our ticket, which told us to find the line to facilitate the paperwork for international travel. I noticed that instead of a line, one big mosh pit of mostly Tunisian men was slowly making its way to the registry.  People were screaming, pushing, and shouting. It did not occur to me at the time…

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My Grandfather and Civil Rights

Thinking of Grandpa

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American History is steeped in inequality. The tradition that all men are not created equal stems from a myriad of racial pedagogies, many deriving from the Puritan tradition. Ever since the Civil Rights Movement, America has attempted to purge racial social injustice and break patterns of inequality. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, like many churches propagated these wrong traditions and has since the 1970s attempted to undo rhetoric after having given the priesthood to those of African descent. The church has recently furthered its efforts by denouncing all theories that justify racial discrimination. At a time and place where racial equality was frowned upon, my grandfather David S. King championed Civil Rights in the state of Utah, not only going against the sentiment of Church leadership, but also the majority of its general membership.
I sat in the chapel, where David King attended church, during his funeral…

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Poem: Dyslexic Like Me

WBUR recently published an interview with Henry Winkler about his dyslexia. It is worth the read (or the listen).


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I want to share a secret with you

Because you haven’t got a clue

There’s something different about me

Something that you could never see

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Please Take Our Concerns Seriously

Dear Republican friends,

We need to have a little chat. I think that over the course of the last two years we have talked over each other. Neither the Democrats, nor the Republicans have a stellar record for listening to the other, but this is a time where we need to change that. We need to talk about President Trump, and for a brief moment I would like to put our political ideologies aside. You know that I politically disagree with him on many accounts, but that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about why Democrats are really pissed off, and why you should care about it. Continue reading “Please Take Our Concerns Seriously”

Impeach Now: No Smoking Gun Needed

A friend of mine who voted for Mr. Trump told me that because the public had not yet seen a smoking gun, we cannot write him off as guilty, and that we must give him the benefit of a doubt. This logic makes no sense to me. To this day, his personal lawyer, his National Security Adviser, his campaign adviser and an associate, and his campaign manager have all been convicted of crimes on behalf of Donald Trump. Continue reading “Impeach Now: No Smoking Gun Needed”