The Tulsa Race “Riot” Was a Massacre — Brian’s Editorials

By Farina King and Brian King, Tahlequah, OK On Sunday September 20, 2018, Donald W. Rominger, Jr. criticized Mitchel Willetts’ article for depicting the Tulsa Race Riots as a massacre. Rominger, a school teacher, claims that “gunfire broke out,” and “gunfire was exchanged between militia and citizens, both black and white.” The author’s usage of […]

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“The Younger Generation”

The Deseret News published my letter, “The Younger Generation” on June 28, 2019.

“In her op-ed “The Reason Why Millennials May Actually be Conservative at Heart,” Kathleen Parker makes her point by painting the younger generation as more homophobic and less educated than previous generations, which she implies is a good thing, “… in a new GLAAD study shows that non-LBGTQ millennials’ comfort with the LGBTQ community has dipped.” She says that “these trends suggest a gradual migration towards traditional values and conservatism.” To Ms. Parker, I would contend that homophobia and willful ignorance are not values at all, and that for the most part, millennials reject these beliefs. Continue reading ““The Younger Generation””

“She’s Not My Type”

Last week journalist E. Jean Carroll accused Donald Trump of rape, and in his defense, he stated, “She’s not my type.” This is only one of many such accusations towards the President, and with every exposure he has defended himself with similar responses. If an innocent man was unrightfully accused of this kind of crime he would likely say, “what she is accusing me of is out of my personal character.” Continue reading ““She’s Not My Type””

Southerners Continue to Ruin American Idol

Southern voters continue to ruin American Idol. Let me get this straight: Southerners are awesome, and they make up some of the greatest musicians in American history, and many of the greatest American Idol contestants come from the South. However, Southern voters often ruin American Idol by giving their vote to Southern singers when a superior non-Southern is an American Idol finalist. This week Laine Hardy, a Southerner, became the 17thAmerican Idol winner by upsetting the heavily favorite Alejandro Aranda. The Washington Post published a story the day after Hardy’s win that suggested that Aranda’s upset can be attributed to his decision to perform his original music. However, I do not think that this was a motivating factor for Hardy’s win. In the end, the young Louisianan won because he was the favorite Southern singer in the competition.

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