Republican Lawmakers Aren’t the Problem, You Are

There is little I loathe more than coming to the defense of politicians, and my nausea is multiplied tenfold when they are republican lawmakers. However, I must give credit where it is due. Continue reading “Republican Lawmakers Aren’t the Problem, You Are”

Republicans Love Actors

The Republican Party is famous for turning to movie stars for its political leaders. Many of us are aware that prior to his presidency and governorship, Ronald Reagan was a film actor who starred in many feature films. He is not alone; many republican actors have held office. A few other famous actors include Arnold Schwarzenegger who served as governor of California, and WCW wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura who served as governor of Minnesota. These are a handful of many famous republican actors who turned into politicians.Continue reading “Republicans Love Actors”

“Struggles” to Recruit Workers

I picked up a copy of The Oklahoman today and read the headline, “Census struggles to recruit workers.” Honestly, this is the kind of phrase that really bugs me. While employees want to make as much money as they can with in their qualifications, on the opposite end, employers want to pay as little as humanly possible to their employees. Whenever worker shortages exist, it is because employers aren’t willing to pay their employees enough money to do the job.

Continue reading ““Struggles” to Recruit Workers”

U.S. From Many, We Make One


I was published in the Tahlequah Daily Press. This editorial addresses the concept of E Pluribus Unum. We are great because we are many who make one.



Media Criticism of Trump Doesn’t Automatically Indicate Bias

Many on the right have condemned the media for not giving both perspectives, but I do not think that those who cover Trump’s myriad missteps should be pigeonholed as biased against him or against the right. We hold news writers to higher expectations than we do academics. Continue reading “Media Criticism of Trump Doesn’t Automatically Indicate Bias”